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Avalokiteśvara@qq.com_20151224 @ Meme City, Hangzhou from Lu Zhouheng on Vimeo.

To complete the narrative in the form of dynamic audio images (Audio Visual), using visual programming to generate the main elements of Buddhist dynamic images, using 3D modeling, cyberspace generated in computer virtual space armor, three-dimensional space in God's gestures and actions The In the process of programming and computing close to religious experience, when the real understanding of the image needs to be calculated at the moment, some religious ideas began to enter the heart, germination. This piece of work is a computer program that continues to be calculated and used for performance in a timely manner, while the 3D animation part is a complex calculation of pre-rendering.

The sound is completed by the sound artist Wang Changcun, is through the visual sound programming to complete the real sound works, through the computer program to continue to calculate in real time, no pre-recording, the whole part of the sound state will not be copied, it will continue to change. Now hear the moment, will not appear again. This also confirms the Buddhist worldview.

Visual - LuZhouheng
Live (Sound) - WangChangcun

Event - Meme City: Hacking Realities Media Art Festival@Hangzhou, China(2015/12/24)

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