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完成 消消乐 x 偶像练习生 的IP 角色动画的H5动画渲染及合成(3D&AE)

Accomplished the H5 animation rendering (3D) of four IP images of WeMatch - Idol Trainee.

天天爱消除 - 偶像练习生.png



Tencent Mahjong space publicity H5 promotional video: I made the smoke and fire special effects simulation and material rendering (3D), and it was nominated by Tencent annual creative video.

腾讯太空麻将 H5.png


在 LOL 毕业季推广 H5 广告中负责: 人物 Spine 交互动画制作

LOL graduated season promotion html5 advertising: I made Spine animation of the original painting character.

LOL毕业季夜宵店宣传 H5.png


在LOL S8 H5宣传片负责视频剪辑及 AE 合成输出部分, 该H5传播量达千万级别 (IG 夺冠)

I made the video editting of LOL S8 H5 promotional film,

and it achived more than 10 million video views

LOL S8 总决赛助力宣传片.png

2018_09_MT4 H5互动游戏

在三星期内制作完成 《我叫 MT4》开荒 互动H5的原画角色 Spine 动画制作 (35个角色动画),

传播量超百万, 并获得站酷首页推荐

I made Spine animation of those characters. This project achieved an fantastic volume of views, and it got a distinct recommendation on ZCOOL home page

LOL S8 总决赛助力宣传片.png

2018_10_QQJoy动漫展 动态宣传短视频

制作 QQJoy 2018 动漫展动态宣传短视频的全流程角色 Spine 动画及 AE 动画

QQ Joy 2018 Animation Exhibition: I made Spine animation and AE animation (2D)

of the short dynamic promotional video



制作 2018 LOL 冰雪节定制皮肤宣传 H5 的全流程 Spine 角色动画

I made the Spine character animation (2D) part of this project.

LOL 冰雪节皮肤互动宣传 H5.png

2019_01_LOL_新春皮肤宣传 H5 小游戏


负责项目中的全流程 Spine 动画并配合程序实现滑屏互动, 该效果为公司首个全机型适配滑屏互动 H5

I made html5 Spine animation and the sliding screen interaction of this project, which is the company's first full-scale matching sliding screen interaction (2D)

LOL 2019 春节皮肤宣传 H5.png

2018_12_KDA_Live2D_Fan Art Animation

学习并使用 Live2D 制作了 KDA 的原画饭制动画

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